Export Management

When you choose us as your global partners trading services company, we ensure that we manage all
your activities and connect you with the right people.

Connecting you with leads

With our extensive international network, we help you associate with businesses who are interested in your products

Handling the leads

We handle all communication with your international partners relieving you from the stress.


Sales representation

At Tradesocean we implement your local and dedicated sales presence overseas, and you can monitor and manage it all from the comfort of your current office. When you have your sales presence implemented by us, you do not need to worry about expensive legal fees, bureaucratic issues, language miscommunications, or expensive physical logistic concerns.

Participation in trade shows and exhibitions

As the best export management consultants, we offer additional support to our clients for guiding them about various marketing techniques such as trade shows and exhibitions. We follow-up with the links you establish during these shows and exhibitions.

Logistic and shipment

We help you partner with the best shipping companies that provide customers timely and    accurate delivery.


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